Driving aches and pains can ruin your day
Driving aches and pains can ruin your day
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Your health and your van: what you need to know

Quite apart from the obvious health hazards of being involved in a road traffic accident, driving your van carries some less dramatic but potentially serious health risks. Your energy is one of the cornerstones of your business success, so here’s what you need to know about your van and your health.

Obvious basic road safety measures include keeping your van in good condition, driving by the rules, driving considerately, avoiding distractions, and staying calm. We know this last can be problematic at times, but it pays out big benefits for your health. On top of staying safe and protecting your stress levels, there are healthy habits you can adopt and options to go for when choosing your van that can make a big difference to your health.

Your health and your van: good practice and healthy habits

The biggest dangers of spending long hours driving your van are chronic aches and pains, and fatigue caused by inactivity and a poor driving position.

Take a break when driving your van

It can be tempting to push on and get the job done, but over time this approach will not serve you well. The NHS recommends taking a break every half an hour to avoid the detrimental effects of a sedentary occupation, though realistically if you are covering long distances in your van you could settle for an hourly break. Even if this consists of a 2-minute walk to stretch your legs, it will be a huge bonus for your health. Besides the health considerations, there is a legal limit on how long you can drive goods and/or passenger-carrying vehicles in a single day. Mind the rules not to just to stay on the right side of the law, but also to stay healthy.

Avoid driving your van in a poor driving position

This is one of the major issues you need to take into account when considering how to choose the van that’s right for you. Of course, you will have paid attention to the capacity and payload and whether those elements suit your business needs, but what about the most important payload of all – you? It’s really essential for your van to give you the right ergonomic driving position, as well as the convenience of essentials being close at hand when needed.

Making the right choice for comfort when driving your van

Whether your business needs a compact van for nipping around the city, a panel van for larger loads, or a box-van sized vehicle, the ergonomic issues affecting your driving comfort are the same. Just as undergoing training in lifting without injury is highly recommended, you should pay special attention to your driving environment and its impact on your health.

Ergonomic seating and positioning for healthier driving

A seat that supports you in the right places and allows optimum ease of movement and control is the first essential. In the Renault Kangoo and Kangoo Z.E. 33 alike, a contoured, height-adjustable driver’s seat with added lateral support and a two-way adjustable steering wheel look after your health when driving your van. In the Renault Trafic and the Renault Master, contoured driving seats have lateral support, height and lumbar adjustment and an armrest, plus an adjustable steering wheel position. These features let you customise your driving seat to suit you, rather than the other way around.

Everything to hand: your van as a comfortable working environment

Your mobile office: everything just where you want it
Your mobile office: everything just where you want it

Of course, you think of your van as a mobile office: having everything in easy reach, switching from driving to writing notes, to making phone calls or emailing on one of those breaks, can make the difference between looking after your health and your workspace being literally a bit of a pain.

Options for the Renault Kangoo* include central armrest storage and an overhead parcel shelf; in the Renault Trafic*, you can also enjoy under-seat storage, a genius fold-down central seat incorporating a clipboard holder you can fix to face the driver or passenger, and laptop storage in the backrest. All of this adds up to office comfort, and that means looking after your health! In the Renault Master*, cup-holder, under-seat and dashboard storage keep things shipshape, and a pivoting seat-back table creates an instant office at your fingertips.

Staying in touch and staying safe in your van

Communication is always a big issue for business: with Renault, your van has it covered. With Bluetooth connectivity, charging points for all your devices, phone or tablet docking station options, and optional R-Link multimedia system, you stay totally in touch. When you take those all-important breaks from driving, your fully-connected van lets you make the most of every minute and continue to drive your business.

*Features listed herein are standard on Business+ models.