Ski resorts offer plenty of opportunity for van-based seasonal business
Ski resorts offer plenty of opportunity for van-based seasonal business
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Turning Your Van into A Seasonal Ski-Resort Minibus

The UK boasts several ski resorts offering seasonal business opportunities to entrepreneurs on wheels. Here are a few tips on turning your van into a ski-resort minibus.

Adapting your main van to ski resort transport

First things first: you will need to make sure your van is winter-ready before you can start offering your services on a ski resort. Make sure your van is prepared for ice and snow work, which in this case may also involves fitting special tyres for difficult weather

Shuttling passengers in your ski-resort minibus

If your main business already involves transporting people and cargo, you may find it quite simple to adapt your van to shuttling passengers and their kit from their accommodation to the slopes. The interior layout of the Renault Master Passenger (the 17 Seat Minibus or 6–9 seat Combi) and the Renault Trafic Passenger (which seats up to 9) make them ideal for transporting skiers and snowboarders.

For ease of access in and out of the vehicle, the Master Passenger comes with an electric side step as standard in the Minibus variant, and as an optional feature in the Combi version. Likewise, the Renault Trafic Passenger Sport+ Pack includes heavy-duty sidesteps/running boards to facilitate passenger boarding. Winter sports enthusiasts, who are intimately familiar with the pain of getting around when wearing awkward, heavy ski boots, will be sure to appreciate the convenience.

Transporting your passengers’ winter sports equipment

Of course, you’ll need to safely transport your passengers’ skis, boards and other accessories as well. For bulky winter sports equipment, the van roof will be your go-to option. All Renault vans can be fitted with roof rack accessories designed for each model. The Renault Trafic can receive up to two pairs of aluminium roof bars for a maximum load of 178 kg (89 kg per pair); alternately, the Renault Master can be fitted with an aluminium roof rack, complete with a rear sliding roller to aid loading (maximum load of 162 kg). Both solutions have been intensively tested to guarantee performance and resistance to corrosion. To facilitate loading onto the racks, both the Trafic and Master have the option of a galvanised steel ladder and walkway.

For rucksacks and smaller items, you’ll be able to rely on clever interior storage solutions like the Renault Trafic Passenger’s 54 litres of space under the passenger bench. The Renault Master, meanwhile, features optional overhead storage racks above the rear seats.

With these tips, you should be on your way to making seasonal business in ski resorts in no time. Bring your van and enthusiasm to the slopes, and your passengers will thank you for it!