Flying the green flag with electric vans at the Eden project in Cornwall
Flying the green flag with electric vans at the Eden project in Cornwall
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The Benefits of Starting Your Business with an All-Electric Van Fleet

If small vans are the vehicle of choice for your business, you might be interested in the benefits of an all-electric van fleet. You know a fleet multiplies both the benefits and risks of a single vehicle, so let’s look at how to make the most of the multiplier effect with electric vans.

The economic benefits of an all-electric van fleet

Running costs are, of course, a major budget consideration for your business. With an all-electric van fleet, you stand first to gain from ultra-low cost per mile travelled – as low as 3p per mile* if you are using the New Kangoo Z.E. 33, or several times cheaper than the 13.8p per mile average for a similarly-sized petrol engine, and 9.2p for a diesel engine! But there are other economies too: your vans are exempt from congestion charges, the London Low Emission Zone and forthcoming Ultra Low Emission Zone charges there and in other cities across the UK, and you will also save around 20% on maintenance costs.

Increasing driver comfort and efficiency

People efficiency is as crucial to your business success as that of your vehicles. Drivers of electric vans benefit significantly from the vehicles’ silent running and smooth acceleration, while the Renault R-Link multimedia system keeps them connected – and makes journey navigation simple with route planning, real-time traffic information and safety warnings. Drivers enjoy quiet, comfort and convenience; your business benefits from a well-run fleet and reduced driver fatigue.

Tax benefits from starting your business with an all-electric van fleet

Back to that all-important budget! In addition to savings on fuel, maintenance and city driving charges, there are several tax benefits you could obtain. These include:

  • exemption from vehicle excise duty (road tax),
  • 100% capital allowance on purchase, allowing you to write down the purchase cost in the first year,
  • 100% capital allowance on installation of charge points at your business premises,
  • reductions in benefit-in-kind tax rates for employee personal use of company vans.

The unquantifiable benefit to your business reputation

Renault announced its intention to drive electric vehicle adoption back in 2009, to offer alternatives to combustion-engine driving where possible. A very real benefit of an all-electric van fleet is demonstrating your business’ commitment to being part of the solution too.

*Less than £3 full recharge cost, calculated by (a) overnight electricity charges (Npower Online Price Fix July 2018 rates for payment via monthly Direct Debit as of May 2017) and (b) a full recharge of the 33kWh battery.