My car Vs My van
My car Vs My van
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My car Vs My van

Check our FAQs to know everything about the specificities of your van.

Is the speed sensation of a car and a van the same?

The sensation of speed changes according to vehicles, for reasons including suspension, engine revs and, of course, road conditions. The biggest difference, however, is height: in general, the closer the driver is to the ground, the faster it feels—and vice versa. Driving a Renault Kangoo van feels similar to driving a car, but climb up into the cab of a Renault Master or Trafic, and you’re that bit further away. Remember also that you are heavier in a van, and therefore take longer to brake. All the more reason to watch the speed!

What are the speed limits for vans?

Vans have lower speed limits than cars and car-derived vans.

Vans and vans with trailers are subject to the following speed limits: 30 mph in built-up areas, 50 mph on single carriageways and 60 mph on dual carriageways. On motorways, the limit is 70 mph for vans and 60 mph for vans with trailers. Note that vehicles with a maximum laden weight under 2,000 kg, such as some Renault Kangoo models, may qualify as car-derived vans where speed limits are concerned: 30 mph in built-up areas, 60 mph on single carriageways, and 70 mph on dual carriageways and motorways.

How to understand the real dimensions of my van

Knowing your van is 2 metres wide, or that it won’t fit under some barriers doesn’t give you the full picture: the only way to truly understand your van’s dimensions is from the driver’s seat. You could start by finding an empty car park for practicing manoeuvres and, if your van doesn’t already include one, keep a useful memo of its exact dimensions on hand (like the sticker you would find in a rental van). Don’t be embarrassed to take your first foray on the road slowly; carefully getting used to reversing with wing mirrors. The rear cameras (optional) and sensors (standard from Business +) on your Renault Trafic or Master will also be a bonus!