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[VIDEO] Meet DJ BBQ, the first food truck with loud music and fireworks!

Meet DJ BBQ, proud owner of a customised Renault Master van which might be the most distinctive ever. Already a media hit through his appearances on Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube channel, this entrepreneur is as original as his unmistakable van. 

His "beast", as he calls it, comes with a fully equipped kitchen and travels a wood-fired slow BBQ oven – not to mention a professional-quality sound system. Now a fixture of the festival scene, this DJ is always there to serve hungry audiences with BBQ and a side of beat.

The American-born and London-based entrepreneur Christian Stevenson isn’t shy. When Renault offered him carte blanche to create the ultimate vehicle for takeaway meat and tunes, he didn’t hesitate. Now well established on the festival scene, he and his Renault Master conversion make an unbeatable team in what DJ BBQ calls "catertainment".

The recipe: take a Renault Master Chassis Cab…

"Renault has been incredible in creating it and they pushed me to follow my dreams and embraced all my ideas for the build, it’s been a joy to do."

It all started when DJ BBQ was looking for ideas to customise a van in order to create a food outlet with the ultimate personality. Putting together his skills as a former radio DJ with a love of traditional home-style BBQ cooking, he came up with the idea of his "catertainment" combination. A fortuitous meeting with Renault’s Senior Vice President for Europe and G9 Ken Ramirez, who encouraged him to "dream big", was a chance to turn his bubbling business idea to an exuberant reality.

The result: a very special version of the Renault Master Chassis Cab, which forms the basis of most custom conversions, with a sound-system catering combination like no other. DJ BBQ says: "No one has done anything on this scale. It looks like a Transformer and has a sound system that is better than most music stages."

Music and fireworks with this Renault Master

The music DJ BBQ plays are pure dancing beats emanating from the electric rise speaker box on the roof. It provides the perfect accompaniment to his passionate personality and overflowing enthusiasm. This Renault Master conversion adds a touch of marketing brilliance to the mix with a few more tricks up its sleeve: it can deliver an eruption of fireworks and pyrotechnics at strategic moments. "When someone orders one of our biggest burgers, we press a special button and these exhausts with smoke stacks come out and we shoot pyro and Roman candles off the top," says DJ BBQ. That way, people can come for the music and spectacle and stay to eat, or the other way around. 

Master DJ BBQ
Master DJ BBQ

The verdict on the Renault Master: "I think it’s the best thing since steak!"

You can catch the spectacle and sample DJ BBQ’s terrific taste at a number of festivals around the UK this summer. These include Jimmy’s Beer & Sausage Festival and Camp Bestival in July, the Big Feastival in August, and Meatopia and On Blackheath in September. In addition, as part of the two-year partnership, DJ BBQ will take his bespoke Renault Master to support Renault at its own events. If you’re a budding entrepreneur or craftsman with a passion for your enterprise, you could sample a truly memorable catertainment experience and perhaps some inspiration for your own venture at the same time.

Did you know about Renault Master conversions?

DJ BBQ’s van is based on the versatile Renault Master Chassis Cab that forms the backbone for many of Renault’s LCV conversions, either completed at the factory or by Renault Accredited Convertors. We do understand that not every business needs a van conversion as eye-catching as DJ BBQ’s creation. Renault Pro+ Vans has a range of ready-made Master conversions including the Tipper, Dropside, Box Van and Luton LoLoader. One of these could be just the right fit for your own business! And for the most specific business needs, there is a range of chassis and platform cabs that can be tailor-made to your specifications. Food for thought, isn’t it?