Where you go, your office goes too
Where you go, your office goes too
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How to Turn Your Van into A Mobile Office

Starting out on a new business venture? As an entrepreneur turning a passion for your craft into a full-time job, you are likely a one-man-or-woman band dealing with the myriad tasks required to get the show on the road. You need a mobile office.

Want to make the most of your time on the road? You could carry your office around by packing a desk, chair, phone and computer, plus the kitchen sink, into the back of your van. But really there’s no need – unless of course you’re driving a mobile food truck, in which case we’ll let the kitchen sink pass. There are heaps of clever, more seamless ways to turn your van into a mobile office. It’s just a matter of choosing the right van for your business needs.

The old-fashioned way: a mobile office in a briefcase

If your wheels are not already equipped to support your business activities on the move, you can resort to the time-honoured conjuring trick of packing a mobile office into a briefcase. You can source special compartmentalised cases to accommodate most of your business essentials. This can be a great idea especially if your travel commitments include overnights in venues where you can’t be sure of the facilities. Here’s a basic checklist:

  • Laptop with wireless mouse and charger
  • Extension cables
  • Smartphone / tablet and charger
  • Mobile wireless printer and mains lead
  • USB data stick / flash drive
  • Ready-to-use blank invoices and other company-branded paper material

As long as you’re able to use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, this basic pack should stand you in good stead.

The Renault Kangoo: a mobile office for the city

If you’ve chosen a Renault Kangoo to keep you nimble on the city streets, you’ve already set down a marker that your business is efficient, smart and versatile. With this vehicle, mobile office facilities are at hand. To always know where you’re going, you could spring for the optional R-Link multimedia system, including navigation with TomTom® maps plus a 12-month subscription to TomTom® LIVE services. You also benefit from a ready-made comfortable workspace, thanks to the Kangoo’s ergonomic seating control and adjustable steering. Your small office essentials will always be at hand thanks to the A4-sized dashboard storage compartment, and the , and ccentral armrest storage standard on Business+ models.

For bigger items like a notebook, call schedule or packages, the overhead parcel shelf* is in easy reach. With sufficient coffee or parking breaks to catch up on emails and phone calls, your Kangoo mobile office will keep you and your business running efficiently.

The Renault Trafic: turning your van into an office all-rounder

If your new business needs more range and storage options, you might be interested in one of the Renault Trafic’s many talents that you should know about: its office-imitation skills. The sleek and smart design, for a start, reflects Renault’s passion for craftsmanship and ambition to make your life easier. Designed with professionals in mind, the Renault Trafic is laden with the latest on-board technology. Storage of 54 litres under the front passenger bench* gives you accessible space, while the smartphone** and tablet*** cradles will keep any information you need at your fingertips without compromising your safety.

The inventive fold-down central seat, standard from Business+ (excluding crew vans), goes to the heart of turning your van into a mobile office. It incorporates a detachable A4 clipboard holder, and the backrest opens out for hidden laptop storage.

The Renault Master: a turbo-charged office in your van

The Renault Master is the favourite for larger transport needs and businesses like mobile food trucks, giving you room to enjoy hassle-free office space in the cab – not to mention experiment with any number of creative storage solutions from Ready4Work by Sortimo, which are available on all vehicles. Your comfortable workspace includes ergonomic control, adjustable driver’s position and optimal visibility. The smartphone cradle** keeps you connected, of course. You can also appreciate the office advantages of plentiful under-seat and optional over-dashboard storage, keeping everything close to hand. Standard Business+ models even come with a pivoting seatback table in the central front passenger seat, complete with clipboard holder.

Building a bespoke business from your mobile office

At Renault, we know that no two businesses are exactly alike. As you build your enterprise from small beginnings, and work to make a go of it wherever you are, your mobile office requirements may grow along with your turnover. If you need a bespoke solution, a Renault team will be ready to help you move to the next level.