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How to set up your Twitter business account

Twitter followers have valuable potential, especially for a new business, as 94% of site users say they plan to buy from the SMEs they follow.

Whether or not you are familiar with Twitter through a personal account, setting up your Twitter business account is straightforward. It’s free unless you take out advertising, so a great resource for starting a business with little capital.

An @name for your Twitter business account

You need to think carefully about your @name of up to 15 characters: it is permanent so you need to be sure it’s right. As long as it’s unique, the closer to your real business name, the better. You also set a business name, which appears above the @name and can be changed. Add your business username and email and you’re almost #readytogo!

The right photo for your online business image

Naturally you want to pick an image that represents how you see your business. Make sure it works well in a small space, as it appears in the icon of every tweet as well as your account page. You can change this, as well as the header image you set across the top of your account page – think of it as another billboard.

Some basics to make your Twitter business account more findable

Don’t overlook the simple things in your search for impact and originality. As part of the setting up process, you get to enter 160 characters about your business. Let people know what makes you special, but also remember location, phone number, email and website so you are easily contactable in other media. Your pinned tweet, which will always stick at the top of your feed, is also a great way to quickly give your followers essential information about you and about any special projects you may have going at the moment.