Don't let frosty mornings slow down your business
Don't let frosty mornings slow down your business
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How to Prepare Your Van for Ice and Snow Work

As temperatures drop and your windscreen begins to show hints of frost, you should know how to prepare your van for ice and snow work.

Common sense precautions for cold weather

Many of the essential preparations for ice and snow are not that different from regular maintenance – they just take on an extra urgency. Check that the battery is sound, anti-freeze and oil levels, tyre tread, windscreen wipers, and that all lights are in perfect working order.

Preparing your van for work on ice

You will probably find it’s worth keeping a lock de-icer as well as windscreen de-icer handy in case of severe cold snaps. Once inside your van, you may need a blast on fore and aft windscreens to clear them – hence the need for a full battery. If you have a Renault Kangoo Z.E. 33 life will be easier: you can de-ice, de-frost and warm the van while it’s on charge, so you won’t deplete the battery.

Getting your van ready for snow

In most of the UK snow chains are not necessary, but in remote areas you might consider snow socks, or winter tyres. In most areas, a good tyre tread is adequate. Some features can make a big difference here, like Grip Xtend, which is installed on the Renault Kangoo, Renault Trafic and Renault Master and allows you to gain traction over loose surfaces like light snow.

In case of emergency

Preparing your van for ice and snow includes an emergency pack with the usual essentials – a flare, a high-visibility vest and warning triangle, but also a fully-charged phone, blanket, and chocolate. Business must go on after all!