Think driving a van is only men's work? Think again
Think driving a van is only men's work? Think again
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Dispelling Gender Stereotypes About Vans

Who would think you could still hear a tired old gender clichés about vans and van drivers? Let’s look at some of the hoary favourites, if only to wave them goodbye once and for all.

“Van driver” means “White van man”

The term probably describes a kind of vehicle rather than a gender stereotype. That being said, the assumption of the link between men and vans can be hard to shake off. As it turns out, it’s not quite borne out in reality: of over 46 million drivers on the UK roads in 2014, 47% were women; within that population, insurance companies estimate that a third of van drivers are women.

If we’re busting stereotypes, why not go one step further with van colour? Any driver, woman or man, is just as likely to pick a zingy Bamboo Green or Classic Silver colour to help his or her business stand out from the crowd.

Women can’t drive vans, women can’t park

Old clichés about women drivers notwithstanding, men are statistically the most likely perpetrators (and victims) of road accidents and driving offences, including speeding and drink-driving. In spite of this, various studies find that women are typically less confident in their driving ability than their male counterparts – something that simply isn’t backed up by the data.

As for parking, we at Renault don’t notice any gender difference in enthusiasm for the reverse parking camera option on the Renault Trafic and Renault Master vans, and the fan base of the Hill Start Assist facility on all Renault vans is gender-bias free.

Women only need a van if they’re florists or hairdressers

Women can need a van for any kind of business, without any limitations on what their enterprise involves. A mobile personal care or florist business certainly benefits from a van to run more efficiently, but women entrepreneurs also count house movers, electricians or engineers, caterers, support technicians, and many more in their ranks. What they all have in common: a passion for their business, a love for their van, and the drive to get on with the job.