The Renault Master: ready to take your business anywhere
The Renault Master: ready to take your business anywhere
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9 Things You Need to Know About the Renault Master

You are passionate about your business, and your choice of van should reflect the energy and drive that guide you day-to-day. Practical, tough, and versatile, the Renault Master Van is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding entrepreneurs, craftsmen and craftswomen of all stripes.

Here are the 10 things you need to know if you’re considering taking this companion with you on the road to success.

#1 The Renault Master Van comes in all shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs

The Renault Master is designed to fulfil your needs, from road transport to express courier services. Coming in four different lengths and three different heights, this van boasts load volumes between 8 m3 and 17 m3, and a payload of up to 2,122 kg in the rear-wheel drive 4.5T versions. And that’s before even looking at off-the-shelf conversions!

#2 It is available in both front and rear wheel drive

Depending on the length you choose for your van, the Master comes with either front or rear wheel drive for optimal handling and carrying. In the 3.73m Master front/rear-wheel drive L3, you even have a choice between the two. This makes sure you can get the most out of the next feature we’d like to tell you about…

#3 The Renault Master Van has load space – loads of it

If load space is a factor in your business, the Renault Master Van has you covered. The LHL rear-wheel drive version, for instance, is perfect for distribution and express courier services, offering full width load lengths of up to 4,383 mm with a full 17 m3 of load volume. The maximum width of 1,380mm (single wheel), 1,270mm side loading opening and large rear doors combine to let you fit up to 4 Euro pallets on the Master front-wheel drive version, and up to 5 on the rear-wheel drive version.

#4 Not just a van, a mobile workspace

And that’s how we designed it. Taking your van on the road means taking your business on the road: why miss opportunities to catch up with orders, customers and strategy in your downtime? That’s why the Renault Master Van comes with ergonomic controls and adjustable driver’s position to create a comfortable environment. For work-on-the-go, a pivoting seat back table located in the central front passenger seat can hold your clipboard, tablet, or laptop computer.

#5 There is plenty of storage in the cab as well

To make sure that everything you need is close at hand, the Renault Master’s cab boasts an industry-leading range of practical and handy storage spaces. Well integrated and driver-friendly, they include cup holders, dashboard compartments, and dual split under seat compartments.

#6 Bluetooth® comes as standard

For a seamless experience as you drive or catch up on work, connect your phone, tablet, or other electronic to device to Bluetooth®, which now comes standard on all Renault Master models. Play music directly from your device and drive with hands-free telephone.

#7 Driving assistance systems make workplace safety a priority

The Lane Departure Warning System (standard on 4.5T versions) warns drivers to stay on course should they cross out of the white lines of a lane without indicating. For even more environmental awareness, the parking sensor (standard on Business+ models) watches your back by detecting obstacles during difficult manoeuvres.

#8 The Renault Master Van is serious about power

It’s thanks to Twin Turbo technology, which endows Renault’s ENERGY engines with more power than their Euro 5 equivalents. Depending on the model, you can obtain a fuel economy of up to 40.4mpg*. And yes, we’re still talking about a commercial van. The optional R-Link multimedia system even includes the “Eco Driving” coach, which will dispense personalised advice on your driving style to reduce fuel consumption.

#9 You’ll always find your way with various options for satellite navigation

Renault Media Nav makes for stress-free travel, with an on-board touchscreen tablet that offers navigation provided by Navteq® with vocal guidance. You can also use the free-to-download Radio Connect R&GO app to turn your mounted smartphone into a touchscreen, with 3D vehicle navigation provided by CoPilot®. The R-Link option integrates a 7” touchscreen with navigation from TomTom®.

#10 We do mean versatile: there’s up to 350 possible vehicle configurations

This includes many off-the-shelf conversion options, from Tipper and Dropside variants to Box Van models with a staggering 22 m3 load volume, and 17-seat Passenger Minibus versions. The Renault Master is so versatile that we can adapt it to a dazzling range of specialist vehicles, in partnership with our network of Accredited Converters – from welfare vehicles to ambulances and horseboxes to name but a few. And, because every business is unique, we can also offer your own bespoke Master conversion. Interested? Read up on Renault conversions or simply visit your nearest Pro+ dealer to find out more about getting the perfect Renault Master for your business.