Kids need to get to where the action is.
Kids need to get to where the action is.
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5 Reasons Children's Recreation Centres Could Need a Van

Whether you are interested in this activity as an entrepreneur or volunteer, children’s recreation centres need a van to create meaningful play and interaction opportunities for kids. All together now: “The wheels on the van go round-and-round…”

#1. A van to transport event equipment

Choosing the right van helps recreation centres function as community resources. Children’s events need catering, sports gear or entertainment systems. For small events the Renault Kangoo van, especially with Ready4Work by Sortimo racking, is ideal, and the crew van version carries 5 people with room to spare.

#2. A van for children who need assistance

Children with special needs may require transport and volunteers with the right insurance can lend a hand. The minibus version of the Renault Trafic Passenger seats up to 9 people, and the long wheelbase version makes room for equipment too.

#3. A Renault Trafic Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

To provide accessibility for passengers using a wheelchair, Renault has developed a specialist version of the Trafic Passenger van. This can be based on either the short or long wheel base versions of the Trafic.

#4. A team van for sporting away events

A team van can help when parental transport is not available, and help deliver sports gear. For “away” engagements, a support minibus makes a big difference to the kids’ experience. The Renault Master 6 or 9 Seat Combi, for instance, can transport a group in complete comfort and safety. If you’ve got a C1 licence and need something bigger – say, to shuttle an entire football team, plus manager and coaches – then the Master 17 Seat Minibus is the vehicle for you!

#5. A van to take small groups on trips and outings

The Renault Trafic Passenger makes an invaluable contribution to a recreation centre to help with trips to zoos, swimming pools, a country park or cultural event.