Some ideas to make your van truly unique
Some ideas to make your van truly unique
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5 cool storage accessories for your van

You’ve managed to choose the van that’s right for you, figured how to finance your business van —now for the finishing touches. There are plenty of options for storage accessories for your van and smart interior storage solutions, but only you know exactly what your enterprise needs.

Here are some ideas to make your van suitable for your business.

#1 Floor drawers for small business vans

Long flat drawers, which can be partitioned, can create a large layer of storage in your van. They almost disappear as the drawer tops become the new "floor": you keep the same square footage as before, at just a slight trade-off with overall volume.

#2 Safe-box storage for your van

It never hurts to be secure: a portable safe anchored to your van can be a huge asset. These safe-style boxes can be fastened to existing points, with fixings located inside the box and therefore inaccessible.

#3 Ready4Work by Sortimo

These ready-made packs of multi-purpose storage solutions for small business vans come with standard off-side racking and safety floor. They have aluminium uprights, a variety of shelf trays and assorted boxes. And for all your small-items organising needs, the Sortimo T-Boxx has got you covered in style. 

Maybe not like this
Maybe not like this

#4 Bespoke Ready4Work by Sortimo

If the ready-made option isn’t quite what you need, you can customise your own racking set-up to fit your business requirements. Mix and match the units and fit them near-side, off-side or a mixture.

#5 (Literally) cool storage solutions for your Renault van

Refrigerated van conversions are definitely not DIY but you can count on our network of Renault Accredited Partners for your conversion needs, including refrigeration! The Renault Master’s variety and adaptability makes it a great choice for the basic body or you could consider Renault’s tailor-made refrigerated vehicle based on the Renault Trafic made by our Renault Accredited Partner Coolkit ®.